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Start Creating Your Documents Now! provides you with software, books, legal kits and forms to help you make a variety of estate planning forms including Wills, Living Wills, Living Trusts, Powers of Attorney and much more.


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Will Writer

Will Writer Software




Looking to protect yourself, your family and your assets? We can help you do this with our comprehensive estate planning software. Use it to make wills, living wills, living trusts, powers of attorney and much more.


Make an
Online Will

Last Will and Testament






By making an Online Will, you can avoid the uncertainty and costs of intestacy, determine who receives your assets, provide for the management of assets gifted to minors, appoint guardians to care for your minor children, reduce expenses and more.

Make a Living

Living Trust



Find out how a living trust can avoid the excessive delays and costs associated with probate. We’ll show you how to make a living trust and implement simple strategies to avoid probate altogether; and ensure the quick distribution of your assets to your heirs.

Probate an



Have you been appointed as an executor? If so, you’ll want to ensure that the distribution of the estate isn’t delayed or assets lost due to your inexperience. Find out exactly what and when you need to do things as we guide you through the probate process.

Estate Planning



In this simple overview of the estate planning process, we take you though the various steps involved in planning your estate (including planning for incapacity and the management of gifts to minors) and introduce you to the different techniques and documents you’ll need

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Will Writer Software

Will Writer allows you to make legal documents from the comfort & privacy of your own home. Use it to make a:

  • Last Will & Testament
  • Living Trust
  • Living Will
    • Power of Attorney
  • And more…..


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Use our Online Estate Planning Document Creation Software to Make Your:

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