Choosing an Executor

Choosing an Executor is one of the most fundamental elements of any Last Will. The main characteristics of a good Executor are good common sense, excellent organizational skills, and integrity.

Some people choose to appoint their spouse, a sibling, or an adult child, while others prefer to nominate a professional (such as a lawyer or accountant). Alternatively, it can simply be a good friend. Whoever you choose should be both competent and trustworthy.


Other things being equal, it often will pay to choose a family member or friend as Executor for the simple reason that these people expect little – if any – compensation, will respect your wishes, and are generally keen to process things and finalize them as soon as possible. However, keep in mind, the process can be quite administrative and time is often of the essence. You must choose someone who is organizationally reliable. It also makes sense to appoint someone who is living nearby as an Executor so that they will be well placed to deal with the management, collection and distribution of the estate’s assets.


Your Executor must be willing and prepared to carry out the sometimes wide-ranging, sometimes minimal, steps that may be required to finalize your estate. As such, you should always consult your choice of Executor before you sign your will so to be assured that your choice agrees to act as executor. 


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