What isIncluded in a Funeral Plan

Planning a funeral involves a variety of different tasks ranging from selecting a funeral planner, choosing a casket, deciding on burial and cremation options to organizing gatherings after the funeral itself. In many cases, the best people to help you with these tasks will be funeral service providers or funeral directors. They will have considerable experience in planning funeral ceremonies, preparing the deceased’s body for public viewing, selecting caskets, and almost every other aspect of the funeral process. They will be able to advise you of the options available to you and ultimately help you put your plan in place.


In putting together a funeral plan you will need to consider matters such as:-

  1. whether you want to donate your body to science;
  2. whether you want to be burial or cremated;
  3. where you want your remains buried, scattered or kept;
  4. the type of ceremony that you will have and where it will be held;
  5. whether you will want visitations; whether you wish to be embalmed;
  6. whether there will be a procession to the cemetery;
  7. how your body will be transported;
  8. how your family will travel to and from services;
  9. the funeral products you wish to buy such as caskets, burial vaults and urns; and
  10. more.


But don’t just visit one funeral service provider for advice and assistance. Feel free to shop around. This way, not only will you probably get a better deal but you will also get a better understand of the different services provided by different service providers as well as the different options available to you.

Feel free to have a look at some of the other funeral planning articles on this website.



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