Revocation of Power of Attorney

Provided you are not incapacitated, you can revoke a Power of Attorney at any time by sending a ‘notice of revocation of a Power of Attorney’ to your agent. This is a written legal notice signed by or on behalf of a person who granted a Power of Attorney stating that he or she is terminating the powers conferred on the agent under an earlier Power of Attorney.


There are a number of reasons, practical and personal, why someone might want to revoke a Power of Attorney. These may be that:


  1. the Power of Attorney is no longer necessary as you are now able to act on your own behalf;

  2. you no longer trust the agent who is acting on your behalf;

  3. you have found a more suitable person to act as your agent;

  4. it is no longer practical to have your agent acting on your behalf; and

  5. the purpose behind originally granting the Power of Attorney has been fulfilled and you no longer need an agent to act on your behalf.


The revocation of a Power of Attorney is not effective against the agent or any third party who may rely on it until such time that notice of the revocation has been received by that party. As such, it is common practice to have a written notice evidencing the revocation rather than simply trying to revoke the authority orally. This written document can, in turn, be sent (by recorded delivery, if necessary) to all third parties who may rely on the Power of Attorney to put them on notice that your agent’s authority has been revoked.



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Revocation of Power of Attorney

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