What Assets Should Be Transferred to A Living Trust?

One of the principal goals of any Revocable Living Trust is to avoid probate and the costs and delays associated with it, with the general rule being that the more an asset is worth, the more it will cost your estate on probate fees. It follows therefore that you should, at the very least, consider transferring your most valuable assets to you Revocable Living Trust. However, it is entirely up to you what you decide to include or leave out of your Revocable Living Trust.


You are free to include assets such as your home and other real estate, bank and saving accounts, investments, business interests, antiques, jewelry, personal belongings, royalties, patents, copyrights, stocks, bonds and other securities, money market accounts and so on.


In deciding what assets you want to transfer to your Revocable Living Trust, always bear in mind that where you are acting as both the grantor and trustee of your own trust, you always have the right to call for the return of any assets you transfer into the Revocable Living Trust.


The reality is that you don’t need to put everything into your Revocable Living Trust in order to save money on probate. For example, there is no need to include items in your Revocable Living Trust which can pass to designated beneficiaries automatically and outside of the probate net. Such assets include jointly held assets, pay on death accounts, transfer on death securities, insurance proceeds, etc.


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