Do I Need a Lawyer to Help Me Make a Living Will?


If you fail to make a Living Will, state law will intervene to determine how decisions regarding your medical treatment are made. In most instances, the responsibility for making these decisions will fall to your family who will invariably be guided by medical personnel.


Of course, because you have not stated what life sustaining medical treatments you want or don’t want in a Living Will, your family will have no real ‘road map’ to follow when making decisions for you. In these circumstances, family members could easily come to an impasse in terms of the treatment you are to receive or not receive, as the case may be. This impasse may well escalate to a court battle to resolve the issue. Indeed, this is exactly what happened in the Terri Schiavo case which received nationally media attention only a few years ago.


All of these possible problems and disagreements could be avoided by stating your wishes clearly in a Living Will.

For more information of Living Wills, how Living Wills work and how to make a Living Will, you can read some of the other articles on Living Wills in this section.


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