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Funeral Arrangement Guide

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Publisher: Enodare

Pub. Date: Feb 2011

ISBN: 978-1-906144-46-3

Format: e-book

Edition: First

Country: United States

Pages: 76

Forms: 3


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We Can Show You What To Do & How To Save Money In The Process!


We all come to a stage in our lives when it's natural to think about what will happen when we are no longer around. We often wonder about loved ones and what we would like to leave to them as our parting gift.


Well, whatever about the positive things we can leave to them, there are some things that we simply should not leave to them! One of which is the burden of high funeral costs and the worry of deciding on funeral arrangements. In fact, in 70% of cases, a person passes away without having made proper funeral arrangements, leaving this burden on their grieving family members. Astonishing, isn’t it?

Fortunately, through proper Funeral Planning, you can ensure that your loved ones are not confronted with this unnecessary burden in a time which is already very traumatic.


Planning a funeral involves a variety of different tasks ranging from selecting a funeral planner, choosing a casket, deciding on burial and cremation options to organizing gatherings after the funeral itself. In many cases, the best people to help you with these tasks will be funeral service providers or funeral directors. They will have considerable experience in planning funeral ceremonies, preparing the deceased’s body for public viewing, selecting caskets, and almost every other aspect of the funeral process. They will be able to advise you of the options available to you and ultimately help you put your plan in place. That said, it’s still important to have independent information on the subject – you wouldn’t put your full faith in a car sales man when buying a car would you?


In putting together a funeral plan you will need to consider matters such as:-

  1. whether you want to donate your body to science;
  2. whether you want to be burial or cremated;
  3. where you want your remains buried, scattered or kept;
  4. the type of ceremony that you will have and where it will be held;
  5. whether you will want visitations; whether you wish to be embalmed;
  6. whether there will be a procession to the cemetery;
  7. how your body will be transported;
  8. how your family will travel to and from services;
  9. the funeral products you wish to buy such as caskets, burial vaults and urns; and
  10. lots more.

To help you plan your funeral or indeed someone else’s, we’ve put together a simple and easy to understand Funeral Planning Guide which will help you through the process of planning your funeral – and of course give you all the useful information you need to make informed decisions!


  • Overview
  • Table of Contents
  • Forms
  • Requirements

This comprehensive Funeral Planning Guide will take you step-by-step through the process of planning a funeral. It will introduce you to issues such as organ donations, purchasing caskets, cremation, burial, purchasing grave plots, organization of funeral services and much more. You will also be introduced to some of the legal and financial issues relating to funerals including the legalities surrounding burial, the cost of pre-arranging a funeral, how to save money on funerals, how to finance funerals and more.

Once you have gained an understanding of the various issues involved in planning a funeral, you will be able to use the accompanying step-by-step funeral planning worksheet to create the funeral you would have wanted. You will have the knowledge and information to confidently deal with funeral service providers and make the decisions that best suit you, your family and your circumstances.

This guide comes complete with other useful forms to allow you compare and contrast the difference services and prices charged by different funeral service providers.  

With this guide, you can quickly and easily plan a funeral.....and save money in the process!


Funeral Arrangement Guide  


List Price: $24.95
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Chapter 1 - Why Funeral Planning
Chapter Overview
Why Plan My Funeral?
Advantages of Funeral Planning
   Letting Your Loved Ones Know What You Want
   Reliving Your Loved Ones of Difficult Decisions
   Reducing The Costs of Your Funeral Service
   Removing The Financial Burden of Funeral Costs
Why People Fail to Plan Funerals in Advance
What is Included in a Funeral Plan

Chapter 2 - Making Final Arrangements - First Steps
Chapter Overview
Formulating a Plan
Who Should Be Notified Following Your Death
Organ Donation
Donation of Organs
D onation of Tissues
D onation of Your Whole Body
Transportation of the Body to a Funeral Home
Preparation of the Body - Embalming

Chapter 3 - Preparing for the Funeral Service

Chapter Overview
Decide on the Type of Ceremony
The Initial Ceremony
   Funeral Mass
   Participants in the Ceremony
Pall Bearers
Food and Beverages
Memorial Service
Ceremony Costs

Chapter 4 - Final Disposition
Chapter Overview
Burial or Cremation – Advantages and Disadvantages
Choosing a Casket
Cost of Caskets
Types of Caskets
Caskets for Cremation
Orthodox Caskets
Grave Liners and Burial Vaults
Headstones and Markers
Disposal Options After Cremation
Types of Cremation Urns
Earth Burials
Above Ground Burials – Columbariums
Scattering of Ashes
Cremation Costs

Chapter 5 - Choosing Your Funeral Provider
Chapter Overview
Searching for a Funeral Service Provider
Comparing the Costs of Funeral Service Providers
Basic Services Fee
Additional Services
Extra Fees
Common Funeral Charges Explained
The Funeral Rule
Purchase Only the Items and Services You Require
Obtain Direct Quotations
Get a Written Itemized Quotation
Selecting a Funeral Service Provider
I Have Chosen My Provider…..What’s Next?

Chapter 6 - Financing the Cost of Your Funeral
Chapter Overview
Paying for Your Funeral
Prepayment of Service Fees
Funeral Trusts
Funeral Insurance
Advantages of Prepaying
Using Benefits to Pay for Your Funeral
Social Security Benefit
Veterans’ Benefits
Other Benefits

Chapter 7 - The Importance of Estate Planning
Chapter Overview
Estate Planning - The Basics

Chapter 8 - Funeral Planning Checklist
Funeral Planning Checklist - The Basics
Pre-planning – Funeral
Pre-planning Frequently Asked Questions

Appendix 1 - Funeral Arrangement Form
Funeral Arrangement Details

Appendix 2 - Funeral Cost Planner
Funeral Cost Planner

Appendix 3 - Information Required for Registration After Death
Information Required for Registration of Death

Appendix 4 - Miscellaneous Personal Details and Contact List
Miscellaneous Personal Details and Contact List

The following forms are included with this kit:-

  • Funeral Planning Checklist
  • Funeral Arrangement Form
    • Funeral Cost Planner
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