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Funeral Planning Booklet

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Publisher: Enodare

Pub. Date: Feb 2010

Format: e-kit

Edition: First

Country: United States

Pages: 35

Forms: 2


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Our Funeral Planning Kit Wil Give You Just That!


At some stage of our lives, we all find ourselves wondering about our own funeral service and what it would be like. These thoughts tend to arise at other funerals or in times of sickness or fear. But such thoughts are by no means uncommon – we’re all human and we all think about what lies ahead for us!

Even more attention has been given to the subject of planning your own funeral celebration over recent times and it has even become commonplace to sit down with ‘consultants’ and plan every aspect of a service even though there is no imminent danger of a person passing away! It’s a little bizarre, but like so many other aspects of our lives, we are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of forward planning in order to reduce future costs and alleviate the unnecessary emotional difficulties and costs that our families might endure as a result of our failure to act.

Our Funeral Arrangement Kit provides you with details of what you need to include in a comprehensive funeral arrangement plan and offers you a way to make sure that your wishes are made known to your loved ones – the people who will ultimately have the task of implementing your funeral plan.

  • Arrange your funeral service;
  • Specify if you would prefer burial or cremation;
  • Decide on your final resting place;
  • Make others aware of the arrangements you have made;
  • Specify what Minister you wish to perform your service;
  • Specify detailed wishes for your type of service; and
  • Much more....


After completing your ready-made funeral arrangement form, you can rest assured that your family will not go through the added stress of worrying how to plan your funeral service. In addition, by planning your funeral in advance you can avail of substantial cost savings by shopping around.


This Funeral Arrangement Kit takes you through the process of funeral planning and enables you to create funeral arrangements in a matter of minutes.


Funeral Planning Form

The following forms are included with this book:-

  • Funeral Planning Form


Funeral Planning Booklet  


List Price: $9.95
Our Price: $7.95


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