Privacy and Security

Global-Wills respects visitor's rights to privacy. Visitors to this web site should be aware that two general types of information regarding their visit may be collected. Firstly, statistical information regarding their visit to the site itself may be collected. The second type of information, which may be collected, is personal or specific to an individual visitor who knowingly and willingly provides that information.

The statistical information collected provides us with general information about the number of people who visit this web site, the date and time they access the site, the particular pages they view, where they were prior to visiting this site and from what page they exited this site. The collection of this information allows us to monitor the traffic on the site and help us to make our site more user friendly.

The personal information provide in completing your Will or Codicil or through the "contact us" pages will only be used by Global-Wills for the purpose for which you provided it. In particular, the information collected will be used in the provision of services to our customers and for the appropriate billing of these customers.

Where customers provide us with detail of their e-mail address we may, from time to time, use this information to distribute Global-Wills updates or other important information to our customers. The provision of such a subsidiary service is strictly subject to the acceptance of the customer.

Global-Wills operates two secure and encrypted payment methods. The first method utilises a secure API connection to our bank through our 256 bit secure encryption, the same standard as curently used by banks. The transaction security is facilitated through a SSL provided by The second method utilizes, to whom you will be re-diverted in order to process your purchase, which provides a secure payment system under which your credit card details are encrypted so as to prevent third parties from intercepting, distorting and reading same.









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