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We all know of the importance of estate planning and, in particular, making a Last Will and Testament. However, despite this over 65% of us pass away without ever making a Last Will. Of those that actually make a Last Will, many of these Wills turn out to be invalid or flawed in some way. This usually happens with home made Wills as people fail to take proper care in making their Last Will and subsequently in executing the Will. Fortunately, there is a simple way to avoid having your Last Will deemed invalid - Prepare an Online Will using Lawyer approved and created software.


One of the best ways to make a legal Will is to make an Online Will using the internet. There are a number of reputable companies, like Enodare, which have been in business for a long time that now offering Online Will writing services. Making a Will online is easy and usually only takes about 10 minutes of your time. To make an online Will (or an “internet Will” as many call them), you simply go through a straight forward question and answer process. You will be asked questions about your marital status, your children, what assets you wish to gift to specific beneficiaries, UTMA custodianships and child trusts, payment of debts and taxes, and so on.


As you answer questions, the online Will making software should present you with questions relevant to your circumstances. For example, when you indicate that you have children a good piece of online Will writing software will automatically ask you about guardianship of your minor children – in much the same way as a lawyer would.


Once you have answered all the required questions and made all appropriate selections, the online Will maker software will process your answers and formulate a Last Will & Testament that is unique to your particular circumstances. You can then usually purchase the Last Will you made online for a small fee.


In choosing an online will provider, you should ensure that you select software that has been prepared by lawyers (many are not!!) and that is being sold by a reputable company with estate planning experience. You should also look for Will making software that includes advanced features like the inclusion of alternate beneficiaries (few pieces of online will making software do), UTMA custodianships, child trusts, pot trusts, guardianships and options for the payment of taxes and debts.

You can buy cheap online Wills on many internet sites. However, before you do, you should make sure that these cheap online Wills contain the options set out for online Wills above. Otherwise, the cheap online Will may end up costing your family a lot in the long run!!



Make Your Own Customized Online Will In Minutes.........

Making a Will is one of the easiest ways to provide for your family and friends......

If you die without making a valid will, you will have died intestate. If this happens, state law will determine how your assets will be distributed and to whom. It will even determine who takes care of any minor children that you might have. In each case, you will have no say. What's more - intestacy proceedings can be expensive! Fortunately, by making a last will and testament, you can avoid the uncertainty and costs of intestacy, determine who receives your assets, provide for the management of assets gifted to minors, appoint guardians to care for your children, reduce expenses and much more. Act Now! Make a Will!!!



Step 1: Online Will Questionnaire

Our intelligent online will question and answer process will guide you step-by-step through the process of making your own last will and testament. It will only take a few minutes of your time to make your customized last will & testament and help and information will be available to you at every stage of the process. Our customer support team will also be available to answer any questions you might have regarding our online wills.


Step 2: Review Your Online Will Answers

Once you have finished the question and answer process for your online will, simply review your answers to make sure that you have chosen your preferred options and entered all your details correctly. Once you have completed your review, just add your online will to your secure shopping cart.


Alternatively, you can save your online will at any time (whether completed in full or not) to your own private account. You can then access it later to complete it, amend it, delete it or purchase it - as you wish!


Step 3: Download Your Completed Online Will

Once your online will has been purchased you will be able to download and print it immediately.


Your online will shall also be stored in your own private account (which is secured using state-of-the-art SSL encryption technology – the same encryption used by banks) where you can access it as often as you need in the future.







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