Revocation of a Living Trust Kit

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Publisher: Enodare

Pub. Date: Feb 2010

Format: e-kit

Edition: First

Country: United States

Pages: 13

Forms: 1


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A revocable living trust is a written agreement created for the simple purpose of holding ownership of your assets outside of your probatable estate during your lifetime, and then distributing these assets to the beneficiaries named in the trust agreement when you die. By holding assets outside of your estate, those assets will not need to go through probate when you die and can be quickly distributed to your beneficiaries after your death.


However, having created a revocable living trust, there may be reasons which might lead to revoke or terminate that trust. This might be because of changes in probate law or because you simply wish to leave your assets in some other manner than that envisaged by the living trust. In order to do so, you will need to serve notice of the revocation of the trust on the current trustees and call on them to return the trust assets to you.


This Notice of Revocation of a Living Trust Kit, which has been prepared by lawyers, takes you step-by-step through the process of creating a notice of revocation. In addition, it also outlines the steps involved in transferring the living trust assets back into your personal name. You will have everything you need to legally revoke a living trust at your finger tips. Act now, before it’s too late!



The following forms are included with this book:-

  • Notice of Revocation of a Living Trust




List Price: $17.95
Our Price: $14.95


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